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Web design & development services
on the shores of lake superior


We Make the process Easy for you!

Whether you are creating your website for the first time from scratch or redesigning your current site, Breakwall Digital is your ideal partner. We can deliver a new website for you quickly and cost-effectively. We can even train your team to manage daily content management or we can handle it for you. After you are up and running; you can choose to add on monthly maintenance and marketing strategies where we can also assist with ongoing content updates, security, SEO strategy, and more.

For over 20 years, being located in the beautiful North Shores Area of Minnesota, we have been designing and developing professional websites and providing web-based solutions. A new website is an investment and we don’t take it lightly. As a leading web design and digital marketing company in the Duluth, MN area, we are comprised of a team of very talented web designers who have experience working within myriad web developing platforms such as WordPress, WIX, Shopify, Miva, SquareSpace and more. Here at Breakwall Digital, we are committed to tailoring your website to your brand's culture, core values, and personal distinction. We take a strategic and dedicated approach with each client to create a personalized design that matches your vision.


Constant Client Coordination

Supreme Customer Satisfaction

100% Ownership Rights

Industry Proven Results

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Our Job as a Midwest based website and marketing design company is to help you bring the world to your website! Whether your website is B2C, B2B, or eCommerce, we are ready to take your business to the next level! From websites as small as 3 pages to eCommerce sites containing thousands, we have you covered. Your website is your most important marketing asset. Sadly, with many design companies, typical web design projects can be disruptive and drawn-out while providing minimal improvement in overall site performance. Our strategy utilizes a modern, research-based approach that minimizes risk, excels creative design, and focuses on continuous performance improvement. With our expertise, you will be able to quickly reach and grow your target audience.

With our proven methods, your target audience will have a smooth and positive user experience on all platforms including mobile devices, tablets and desktop PCs. We also offer dedicated managers that will coordinate with you and the web team to ensure that your website is ready to go live on time. By aligning the goals of your business with those of your audiences, we’ll bring your brand to life through a high-performing, continuously improving website experience!

Concerned that your business might be too niche for just any website design company? We’ve created websites for clients in more than 50 industries—from software design to plastics manufacturing and even beekeeping! Our dedicated project managers take time with each client to make sure we have a strong grasp of your business.

Breakwall Digital is a locally recognized digital marketing firm located in Two Harbors, Minnesota with more than 2 decades of experience in Web Design, SEO, and Digital Marketing. We specialize in growing businesses and websites online by bringing our clients more traffic, more calls, and more sales. What sets us apart is that regardless of your business type and goal, we can accommodate your needs quickly and efficiently. We are dedicated to our work of building your business brand -  working with both clients located near the North Shores of Lake Superior MN & WI and throughout the US.

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We Specialize in ecommerce sites, too!
Ready to take your ecommerce platform to the next level?

Here at Breakwall Digital, we have years of experience in making eCommerce websites that are optimized for consumer behavior and sales optimization, giving you a Business to Customer B2C or Business to Business B2B sales funnel that guarantees repeat customers and multiple purchases. Enjoy a user friendly eCommerce design with unlimited sales potential.  Our web design team has years of experience in optimizing online sales platforms to maximize sales.

We work closely with each of our eCommerce clients to plan a user friendly eCommerce solution that displays well on both desktop and mobile devices. We understand that choosing the right platform for eCommerce can be confusing and intimidating, so we take the time to explain the different options with their unique advantages.  Whether this is your first time with eCommerce or you are looking to improve your customers online shopping experience, we can help you navigate through the options to provide you with a solution that best fits your business. If you need to accept payments, we can build or support your eCommerce website using tools from WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, PayPal, Stripe, and more.

Breakwall Digital is a professional website design company for ecommerce sites and specializes in shopify
Breakwall Digital, located near Duluth, is an affordable ecommerce website design company that specializes in Miva
website designers for small business near me MN

Our Proven Website Design Process Will Help Your Business

Differentiate your brand from your competition

Connect with audiences through a superb online experience

Support traffic and lead generation

Gain validation for ongoing sales and leads

Understand user behaviors and site performance

Streamline your website administrative experience


Custom website design with Breakwall Digital in duluth mn


First, we’ll sit down with you and ask you about your vision for your website and use our expertise to suggest how to turn it into a reality.


We’ll talk to you about your content too and what information you feel is important for your visitors.

affordable website design near me duluth mn


This is where the real magic begins!


Our web design team will work together to combine your feedback and our expertise to design a stellar website.

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Now that we have our team's design finalized, it’s all about reviewing. We'll walk you through a mock-up of your site and work together to see any changes you'd like made.


After your final approval, we'll put the finishing touches on your site like security protocols and perform testing to make sure that it’s fully accessible and works flawlessly!

how much does it cost to hire a website designer in minnesota and wisconsin


Yes it's true. One of the most rewarding aspects of our industry is the daily interaction and support to a wide variety of businesses, organizations and associations. We understand the web team you choose must be one you can trust with your sensitive information and one that will be helpful through all stages of the relationship.

Website maintenance
focus more on WHAT YOU LOVE & less on marketing!

Let's face it, owning a business comes with a lot of extra tasks that many of us never anticipate; nor are many owners proficient in understanding. Remove that added stress and let Breakwall Digital manage every aspect of your web presence, so you can focus on what you really love; your business. Many of our clients choose to enjoy on-going worry-free website maintenance. Whether we've just finished building you a beautiful new website or if you are looking for a team to take over your existing website, we can manage every aspect of your web presence, so you can focus on your core business.


Breakwall Digital provides clients with complete web maintenance; including site health checks, performance optimization, technical support, layout and design upgrades, content updates, and database management. We also can fix site interface errors and JavaScript coding, the whole works! We have dedicated project managers that are always available to assist. By aligning the goals of your business with those of your audience, we’ll bring your brand to life through a high-performing, continuously improving website experience.


Already have a website?

No problem! We can provide support & maintenance on your existing website, too. Either way, we are here to help and we can be your dedicated website support & maintenance team to keep your website running at peak performance.

Mobile-friendly is a Modern Requirement

If your existing website does not look great on a mobile phone or tablet, you could be losing more than half of your visitors. Let us help you optimize your current website or create a great new looking website that displays efficiently on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

We Offer One-Time or Cost-effective Monthly Plans 

Whether you only want to make a one time website update or would be interested in one of our monthly website update packages, we offer a variety of options to fit every clients needs.

Are you ready?

If you’d like to hire our company’s website maintenance services, set up an appointment with our team today! Our web maintenance agency will be happy to offer you any information, insights, or details you require. We’ll also walk you through our various packages and pricing plans for our website maintenance services. And don't worry, our competitive packages are designed for maximum affordability.

Breakwall Digital offers website maintenance and emergency services two harbors mn

Need emergency services?

If your site is offline or you can't get your pages to load, contact us immediately and we will do our best to get you back up and running ASAP!

Our Website Maintenance Services Include:

Plugins/Theme Updates

Site Health Checks

CMS Security Patches

Content Updates

Security Scans

Backup & Restoration

Professional website design and maintenance companies near me in duluth MN

Your website is your most important marketing asset

Your website is often your first impression

Your website is often what what gives visitors their very first impression of your business. They will make a judgement call of your website within a matter of seconds, making it crucial to offer a positive experience. No matter how amazing the services you provide are, if your website is outdated, hard to navigate or simply unappealing, your audience will be left with a negative impression of your business.

It builds trust with your audience

Research shows that if a visitor stumbles on a website that has a poor overall design or outdated content, they are very likely to leave the website. If your business doesn’t have a website that looks and feels trustworthy, your customers likely aren't going to trust you with placing an order on your website or entering their payment details. A professional website shows your audience that they can trust you. As a result, they will remain on your site for longer periods of time and be more likely to chose you to fulfill their needs.

It Paves the Way for quality customer service

Much like how your web design will give visitors their first impression of your website, it will also give them their first impression of how your customer service will be, should they ever need it. Why? It’s simple. If they see that your site is outdated and that very little effort has gone into designing and maintaining it, they’re going to assume that you'll put the same little effort into helping them. Think of your website’s design like a customer service representative itself. Or even, like a receptionist whose job is to greet those that visit your website, allowing them to feel both excited and at ease with your company.

It gives your business greater control

Let's face it. Your website is really the only online location that represents your business that is under your full control. Here, you can choose how the user experiences your site, suggesting their next click. You have control over the design and esthetics which plays an integral roll in maintaining your brand's image. Using color, composition, font, and photos, you can guide users around your site; ultimately leading to higher conversion rates and more successful leads.

It improves your SEO ranking

Web design elements and best practices influence the way that Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines view your site. If your website isn't designed to be mobile friendly, image sizing isn't optimized, or your design script is messy, this can lower your organic placement in search results. If your website lacks basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) principles, you’ll be struggling to have your page ranked on the top pages of Google from the very beginning.

Your competitors likely already have an updated website

Your online competition are likely already paying attention to their web design. Not only do visitors judge websites based off esthetics and ease of use, search engines do, too! It is very important to follow the basic web design practices that your competitors employ while also managing to be somewhat unique. In reality, the quality of your website needs to be one step ahead of your competitors to rank higher than them in search results. You’ll need to keep your website up to date in terms of design because you can bet that their websites are constantly being updated to stay relevant, too!

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Need a website?
LET US Make it Easy for you


Did you arrive here because you were searching for a website design company near me? Well look no further! Breakwall Digital is a locally recognized digital marketing firm with more than two decades experience in Web Design, SEO, & Digital Marketing. We specialize in growing businesses and websites online by bringing our clients more traffic, more calls and more sales.


What sets us apart is that regardless of your business type and goal, we can accommodate your needs quickly and efficiently. We dedicate our work to building your business brand; whether you are based in the North Shores of Lake Superior or throughout the US.

Contact us TODAY to get started!

What Clients Are Saying

"Breakwall Digital completely understood what we wanted, they were patient and responsive. Matt really listened to us and made our vision come to life. I am extremely happy with the service and can’t wait to continue working with them. I would absolutely recommend Breakwall Digital to anyone!!"
- Casey
affordable website designs for small business' near me in superior wisconsin


Whether you are looking for a quick 3 page brochure website or large e-commerce site, we have an variety of platforms to fit your needs. We love sitting down and hearing your vision so we can help be your guide through the web design and development process. By the time your site is launched not only will you have a great looking site, but one that produces results. 

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